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Dear Friends,

You are facing a serious situation and you have decided to turn to Rusfond UK.
We will try to do everything we can to help you. Please send the following information to you first and last name, first and last name of the child who needs help, his or her birthdate along with an outline of the problem (i.e. diagnosis, name of the hospital and the cost of medical treatment if known). Please also include your full mailing address and zip code, your email address, if any, and your phone numbers.

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Katja K., 7 years old, seven years old, suffers from Aspert syndrome, surgery is required at Great Ormond Street Hospital (London; Great Britain), 110,985.28 GBP

Katja K., 7 years old, seven years old, suffers from Aspert syndrome, surgery is required at Great Ormond Street Hospital (London; Great Britain), <nobr>110,985.28 GBP</nobr>

Katja was born with severe deformities- her parents decided immediately not to keep her. Katja suffers from a rare genetic condition which is characterised through a deformation of the skull and an abnormal growth of extremities; adjacent fingers and toes grow together. Katja had already had a few operations in the first months of her life, and when she came to our orphanage, four months ago, her recovery continued. Katja was supposed to have the form of her skull changed and her fingers separated, but unfortunately many problems remain. Because of the deformation of her palate and nasal septum Katja is unable to breathe freely. She suffers from night apnia (loss of the ability to breathe) which is a life threatening condition. She is unable to chew or swallow easily. Although Katja is using hearing aids, because of the genetic development of her inner ear, she is does not hear well. Sessions with a psychologist have helped the little girl to become more social. Although her movement is steady, due to bad hearing and eye sight she has trouble obtaining information and so her speech has not developed properly. Given the difficulties of the multi-levelled surgical procedure, doctors have decided to send Katja abroad to undergo specialised treatment. We are calling out to you to help Katja! 

Valerii Dudolov, headmaster at Sergiyevo-Posadskovo orphanage in the Moscow Region.


Neuro-surgeon consultant at Great Ormond Street: “I recommend performing a specialised front-facial surgery. The advantages of that are a widening of the inner space of the skull and a correction of the protrusion of the eyes, as well as the widening of nasal space. We are convinced that this will increase Katja’s quality of life.”